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How to Calm the #*&! Down: Interview Tips and Tricks from a Recruiter

March 27, 2017

Originally posted via LinkedIn.

Let’s be honest, job interviews are THE WORST. You work yourself up not knowing whether to expect a casual conversation or if you will be grilled about how many gum-balls fit in a standard size bath tub (or some other form of Google thought-up torture).

Although having to prove your worth to a stranger in 90 minutes or less will never be a walk in the park, I have gathered the following tips and tricks from the best of the best at Fast Switch to help reduce the anxiety that comes with interviewing.

Tips and Tricks to Reduce Stress and Nail that Job Interview:

1) Do your research: Make sure you know what the company does, the basic background of the person you will be speaking with (calling all social media stalkers!), and the ins and outs of the position. This will reduce the amount of “put on the spot” moments and help you remain calm, collected and confident. If you really want to impress, research beyond the company’s web page. Have they been mentioned in the news lately? Bring that up and show you know your stuff.

2) Ask Questions: Asking relevant questions based on the conversation shows that you pay attention to detail and breaks the stereotype that all humans have the attention span of a gold fish (8 seconds? Really?). This will also show the interviewer that you are interested in the role and in the organization while simultaneously showing off how smart you are with all your well-researched questions (see tip #1!).

3) Be On Time (better yet, be early!): This seems obvious but candidates arriving late for interviews seems to be common practice. If you are frantically searching for parking or the correct entrance you will be flustered and not on top of your game. Make sure you arrive with plenty of time to park and find where you are going.

4) Be flexible: With your time; I am not asking you to be Simone Biles. If a manager suggests an interview time or alternate location, make it work! If you are difficult during the interview process the interviewer will assume that is a reflection of how you will be as an employee.

5) Be prepared for the typical interview questions: In every interview you will have to respond to some variation of “tell me about yourself”, “what is your greatest achievement”, “what are your strengths and weaknesses”. This is your opportunity to stand out. Here is a great article on how to craft creative responses to common questions.

6) Dress to Distract: That is not a typo! Many top executives suggest wearing a memorable pin or piece of jewelry to help spark a personal conversation. If you are a veteran put on those dog tags, a sorority/fraternity pin is a great choice, something as simple as a class ring would also suffice. If this seems a bit out of your comfort zone, a sports team or university sticker on your portfolio works as well (your social media stalking could help with this one).

7) Have the last word: Make sure to ask what the next step will be or what the time frame is for hiring. This will force them to think about those things if they have not already and will give you some clarity of what to expect. If you are feeling really bold you can even ask if they feel you are a good fit for the role or if you said anything that has made them doubt you. If so, this would be the time to mitigate those doubts.

These tips are not a magic formula to land a job but they can improve your odds by making sure you are prepared, confident and not getting lumped in with the crowd of other candidates.

The Importance of Typing Fast while Applying for Jobs

March 5, 2017

With advancements in science and technology, computers have made their way into almost all types of jobs. Being able to type fast has therefore become a must-have skill in a digital world. When you apply for certain jobs, two questions that often arise are how fast can you type and how accurate is your typing. Why is typing speed so important for jobs these days? The answer is simple – more efficiency and productivity. People who can type faster are more efficient, so employers are more likely to hire them than those who have to hunt and peck keys on the keyboard. It may not seem very important, but your lack of typing skills may lower your chances of getting a job.

Computers have become more important than ever before. Nowadays, most jobs require at least the most basic computer skills. In fact, there are several employers, who wish to recruit candidates having faster typing skills as it helps improve productivity. Adding this skill to your curriculum vitae not only puts you one step ahead of others, but also increases your opportunities to get a job. A few of the jobs that require fast typing skills include legal secretary, data entry clerk, computer programmers, administrative or executive assistant and medical transcriptionists.

In this fast-paced world, every second counts. Everything needs to be done quickly because time is money. As such, most employers prefer to hire people with fast typing skills rather than those with average skills. Many entry-level jobs these days require touch typing skills, so improving these skills will increase your chances of getting a job. It will also help increase your productivity and lead you towards more and more success. With faster typing skills, you can get more work done in a limited time. It’s quite easy and simple to improve your typing skills. Take an online typing test to determine your current speed and then practice everyday to start improving your typing skills.

There are many websites that offer free typing tests, so it’s very easy to check your typing speed. If you have just an average typing speed, you can even make use of these typing tests to train yourself to become a better typist. These quick typing tests will show your standard typing speed, so it’s easier for you to track your improvement as you take them each time. It takes regular practice to achieve a typing speed of about 60 wpm without any errors. Surprisingly, there are even people who can type up to 200 wpm!

Take a typing test by yourself here.

Race against other competitors here.