Why buy an Advertisement?

Prizetyper is the perfect ad solution for your company. You provide the text and our users repeat your message. It's one of the few unobtrusive ad platforms to reach a global audience in a way that truly resonates.

For $10, you can craft a short, but effective message that will appear at random to our users for one week. After a user completes your passage, he or she will be taken to a screen that shows a clickable hyperlink with the name of your business and a tagline below.

Advertisements must meet the following requirements and are subject to approval at the sole discretion of the Administrator:

  • At least 300 characters in length and no more than 7 sentences
  • One paragraph - multiple paragraphs are automatically formatted into one chunk of text
  • Draft message in Prizetyper textbox to avoid formatting issues (i.e. hyphens, quotes) for users when transferring from applications like MS Word
  • No illegal, derogatory, obscene or adult content

What about Custom Advertisements?

Custom ad packages are not available for automated purchase on Prizetyper. You must contact the Administrator with your requirements and to complete payment via PayPal. We offering the following options:

  • Add a custom image that will override the default Prizetyper logo after a passage is completed
  • We craft an original message for you to maximize the effectiveness of your passage and include a custom image - prices vary based upon turnaround time
  • Display your banner ad - prices vary by page location and length of time displayed on Prizetyper
  • Promote Prizetyper on your site in exchange for ad space on Prizetyper
  • Charities - submit your message for free!